5 Men Hair Trends This Fall

It’s the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice! The sweater weather definitely calls for a change. Nature is getting a makeover, and we should get one too! So, boys are you ready to experiment with some hair trends? Chop your hair off into a buzz or grow them into a shaggy mane. It’s the season to go unkempt and rugged. So, keep your sweaters, pumpkin spice whip and fall hair ready because autumn is here! 5 Men Hair Trends This Fall The Unkept Escapade Courtesy: SantaBanta.com 1. The Unkept Escapade Like the season, your hair should also get to breathe in the wind. Swap those long locks for this amazing haircut. And pair with a nicely groomed beard and we promise that you are in for an absolute makeover! The Buzz This Fall Courtesy: Pinterest 2. The Buzz This Fall Has your hair been sun-kissed and damaged during the summer? Just run a trimmer through them. This haircut can never go out of style. It looks sophisticated and yet plenty macho at the same time. So, this fall, go for the buzz! Men, It’s Time To Bunny Up Courtesy: Pinterest 3. Men, It’s Time To Bunny Up We all have our reservations on this hairstyle. But it’s easy to carry and can make you look rugged and mysterious! And girls fawn over man buns, don’t they? This one is definitely a gamble worth taking. Unruly With Discipline! Courtesy: Mid Day.com 4. Unruly With Discipline! Although growing long hair can require some discipline, maintaining them is easy. The added benefit of a shaggy mane is weather protection. So, go long this autumn! What’s Under An Undercut Hairstyle Courtesy: Pinterest 5. What’s Under An Undercut Hairstyle? AWESOMENESS of course! This hairstyle can work in any weather and is like the go-to if all else fails! It can be worked with any hair type. You might also like, How To Get Healthy Looking Hair Instantly.
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