5 Myths You Need To Know About Men's Hair

They say cold water makes you bald, the sun damages your hair and excessive washes can cause hair fall, these are just myths. Take a look below to know the real truth behind these opinions. You should wash it whenever you need to and your hair actually shields your hair from the sun, that’s just a few of the myths we have proved wrong. 5 Myths You Need To Know About Men's Hair

1. Cold Water Can Get Rid Of Baldness This helps blood circulation but most definitely won’t cure baldness or hair loss. Coldwater gives your hair that shine and silky look, just like any hair treatment.

2. Hair Loss Every Day Means You’re Balding It is absolutely normal for your hair to fall every day. Your hair sheds every day and this is common for every man out there. If there is excessive hair fall, then you must visit a hair specialist.

3. Massaging Or Brushing Can Reduce Hair Loss This improves your blood circulation but will not make much of a difference with hair fall. However, too much brushing can eventually damage your hair roots and cause hair fall. So men, give that comb a break.

4. Frequent Hair Washes Causes Hair Fall Shampooing your hair only removes the hair that has already fallen out. Regular washes don’t cause more hair fall, they simply clean your hair and remove the unwanted grease and grime.

5. The Sun Causes Hair Damage                                                                           Your hair actually acts as a shield and protects your roots from the sun. Hair loss only occurs at the follicle level.

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