5 New Year۪s Eve Resolutions For Your Hair

This year don۪t just make just any resolution, make hair resolutions! Treat your beautiful hair with some love and care. These tips will make your hair look nourished and healthy at all times. Stick by this list and your hair will always stick by you. 5 New Year۪s Eve Resolutions For Your Hair

1. Focus on dry shampoo more often When you excessively wash your hair, it strips down the natural oils from your hair. For all those days when you still need to shampoo your hair, use a dry shampoo instead. It will clean and nourish your hair without getting rid of the natural oils.

2. Hair cut game strong Hair trims are a must at least every 6 to 8 weeks. A good haircut gets rid of the breakage and the split ends. So be sure to get those regular haircuts in the New Year!

3. Get more vitamins in the food that you gorge on has an effect on your hair! Protein and iron is a must for your hair. Vitamin C and omega-3 tablets help the hair get that shine and volume you have always dreamt off.

4. Change that style up The way you wear your hairstyle should change this year, to make your hair strong as ever. Changing up the location of your ponytail or bun lets your hair recuperate.

5. No heat for a while All those styling tools leave your hair looking dry and frizzy. Air-dry your hair with a few simple tricks and get the look you want with no damage. With a couple of hair products you can scrunch up your hair to get curls or make it sleek and straight.

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