5 Problems Every Girl With Thick Hair Faces And Their Fixes

For all those problems you have to face with thick hair, we have some quick and easy fixes. Flaunt your hair in style, cause you can! Take a look at these 5 simple tricks to get your thick hair looking tangle free and fabulous at all times. 5 Problems Every Girl With Thick Hair Faces And Their Fixes 1. Hard to detangle Besides looking voluminous and shiny, thick hair makes it difficult to detangle the knots. This causes a lot of breakage and damage to your mane. To get rid of them easily, use a leave- in conditioner or a mild serum on your hair to loosen the knots. 2. The humidity gets to your hair Big hair looks even bigger during summer. Finishing bottles of conditioner is just one of the problems that you need to face with the humidity hitting you. Anti- frizz serum or deep conditioning thrice in a week will help keep the big۝ situation under control. 3. Blowouts take hours It takes hours to blow dry your hair because of the thickness. To get ready for the night, you need about an hour to just groom your hair! Rough dry your hair till it is about 80-90% already dry, this helps you get a faster blow dry. 4. No elastic is big enough For that sleek ponytail, there is not a perfect elastic band that would hold your mane together. Certain hair ties can help hold the hair together, top knots and using clips instead of your elastic bands will help keep your ponytail altogether. 5. No Bounce Thick hair without any layers can leave your hair looking dull. To style your hair correctly, add layers in your next cut. You can use curl defining serum to scrunch up your hair to get beachy waves or playful curls. This will add some depth to your look.
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