5 Refreshing Looks of Ananya Panday

She’s the new kid on the block and no doubt she’s blessed with good looks, good looks and good looks – The refreshing new face of Bollywood Ananya Panday. With her debut movie SOTY 2, Ananya surely has become the teen sensation. She’s a fresh face of Bollywood and is making her way into our hearts with those gorgeous hairstyles. Don’t you just adore her cuteness?  Let’s take a look at these 5 refreshing looks of Ananya Panday.


  1. Loose Bouncy Curls

Just look at those loose bouncy curls so effortless, right? Those curls instantly give her hair a voluminous look which perfectly matches her outfit! To get those same loose bouncy curls, start by blow-drying your hair and applying some of the Then with the help of a tong, curl your hair and brush them once done to get that loose curls effect. Now, spray some of it to finish the look! It’s super easy and effortless to change your regular hair.



    2. Classic Blow Dry

Who doesn’t love a classic blow dry? Classic blowouts never fail to impress but they are not always a success. You need to know a few hacks to achieve the perfect classic blow dry look. Ananya Panday is totally killing the blow dry look. It’s a perfect option for your everyday style, start by towel drying your hair and spray some of the which will add instant volume to your hair and help achieve a blown away lookNow, grab a paddle brush and start blow drying your hair in sections. Make sure you blow dry out with the help of a paddle brush! Voila, there you have it classic, refreshing and easy for everyday style. Once done, apply to get rid of the flyaways!



      3. Beachy Waves

Are you fantasizing about beach vacays? Then this beachy hairstyle is just for you. Beachy waves play an amazing role in this picture which completely complements Ananya’s boss style and outfit. The perfect hairstyle for a laid back day with very little hassle is all you need in your life. To get those god damn gorgeous beachy waves, start by wrapping your hair around a flat iron, slide and pull it through. There you have it, simple, beachy and wavy.


  1. Messy Hair Don’t Care

Ananya Panday is giving us major hair goals with this side-parted messy braid. Let’s face it, it is getting super-hot and it’s the right time to style your hair with messy looks. To achieve this look, start by side parting your hair in a plait till your ends and pull out some of the hair strands. Finish it off with some of the  . And there’s nothing stopping you from dreaming about beaches with these messy tresses.


  1. Sleek Silky Straight Hair

Don’t you just adore her perfectly sleek straight hair? Thank you Ananya Panday for always rocking your hair game in the chicest manner. This is a go-to hairstyle for anyone with any type of hair, it’s like the holy grail of universal style! To get that silky sleek straight hair look, you need to make sure you use a good shampoo and conditioner, that’s right having a good shampoo is crucial! You can opt for   and then with the help of a hair straightener straighten out your hair. You’ll achieve that perfect silky straight hair in no time.



Aren’t you amazed by her style just like us? Create these easy and refreshing hairstyles before you step out of your house.

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