Are You Using Your Hair Serum Correctly?

A hair serum is the go-to solution for dry, brittle, and damaged hair. It, instantly, adds shine to your hair and tames wispy flyaways making your mane look more polished. This magic potion will make you want to stare at yourself in the mirror all day long! But are we really using our hair serum correctly? How much is too much and what is the right method of application? Check out these 5 right ways to use your hair serum. Are You Using Your Hair Serum Correctly? 1. Lightweight Serum For Thin, Fine Hair If you have wispy, fine hair, a heavy serum will weigh your locks down, too much, making them look lumpy and oily. Use a lightweight serum to add the right amount of playfulness and shine to your hair. 2. Wet, Towel-Dried Hair Is A Must The best time to apply hair serum is after towel-drying your wet hair. Take a coin-size amount and hand-comb it through your hair before blow-drying them. 3. Apply Only On The Tips Of Hair Always remember to apply your hair serum only on the tips and never on the scalp. Serum acts as a moisturizer and so, only the mid-lengths and the tips of the hair need it the most. Use the BBLUNT Instant Moisture Hair Serum for radiant, glossy locks! 4. Re-apply During The Day On Excessively Dry Hair If you have excessively dry hair, you may have to re-apply your serum during the day. As, excessively dry hair will soak up all the serum, leaving them with an undernourished look after a while. 5. Apply Serum For Heat & Sun Protection Hair Serum acts as a thermal protectant against heat. Hence, it should be applied before heat styling. It also acts as a shield against UV-light. Hence, use hair serum while you are outdoors or on a sunny day at the beach! Also check out, The 4 Trending Diwali Hairstyles For Indian Girls.
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