5 Situational Hairstyles For Every Girl

The world’s a stage and we are merely the actors! But, as these actors, we play various roles. Girls, can we not relate to being that in that enthusiastic mood at our night out with the girls, or wanting that perfect look when we go for that much awaited date. I’m sure everyone can even relate to wanting to just have fun at a brunch or movie with your buds. Of course, we all want that perfect look when we’re at a wedding. For each of these, the perfect outfit is essential. More than that, the perfect hairstyle should be in place. Here’s a few tips from us for you to be situation ready! 5 Situational Hairstyles For Every Girl 1. Dinner Date Want this date to materialize? Go out there and make that extra effort. If you’re a straight hair type of person, iron your hair. Use BBLUNT’s Linear ll Professional Hair Straightener for best results. If you love your curls, give them that crazy bounce with BBLUNT’s X3 Professional Hair Curling Wand. Straight or curly, leave your hair open for this one occasion. 2. Movie Mane Want to enjoy your movie without any hair troubles? Get your hair out the way, go the pony way. Even a simple bun will do. 3. Brunch the Bun Planning that exotic brunch by the bay? Keep it simple by sporting a perfect bun. This up-do will save you from the heat and let you enjoy your Sunday brunch without looking like a mess. 4. Girls’ Night Out Go wild with your look. A girl’s night out means a whole lot of selfie time with your girls. Bunch half your hair up and leave the rest loose. BBLUNT’s Spotlight Hair Polish will give you the instant shine you need, to be simple and sexy for all those selfies. 5. Wedding Wows It’s wedding season again and it’s time to get the perfect look for that big fat Indian wedding. Trend your tresses and style your own wedding look with BBLUNT’s Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray and BBLUNT’s 3D Texturizing Wax Paste. You can try any up-do, be it waves or even a simple chic braid. All’s fair in love and hair!
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