5 Steps To Repair Dry And Damaged Hair

In today’s world with so many tools and treatments at our disposal, we are always on the lookout to revamp ourselves and try something different. However, our hair suffers because of this whole process. Whether it’s the harmful chemical treatments, bad hair colouring jobs or the regular usage of hot tools, we really put our poor locks through a lot of trouble. Then suddenly, we get hit with the hard realisation that our precious mane is damaged and brittle and needs to be nourished back to good health. Fortunately, it is never too late to start taking care. So get ready to follow 5 steps to repair dry and damaged hair.

1. Cleanse

Hair cleanser is something we use almost every other day, hence it is important to choose the right one in order to repair your dry and damaged hair. Keratin and argan oil have been proved to be very beneficial when it comes to repairing damaged tresses, hence go for the BBLUNT Repair Remedy Shampoo For Damaged Hair which is action-packed with these two ingredients. It is also important to avoid hot showers when you are trying to breathe life into your damaged mane. Hence lower down the temperature of the water and have a shower with lukewarm water instead.

2. Condition

We know all you lazy girls out there who love to skip this part of the hair cleansing routine without realising the importance of the same. It is important to restore moisture into the dry and damaged hair which the BBLUNT Repair Remedy Conditioner For Damaged Hair diligently delivers as it is designed especially for dry and damaged hair. It is essential to leave the conditioner on your hair for at least 2-3 minutes. So apply the conditioner and let it sit while you complete the rest of your shower routine. Wash with lukewarm water. Additional tip: Refrain from washing your hair in the night as sleeping on wet hair leads to it getting tangled which then results in breakage.

3. Post-Shower

If you think you are done with your hair routine just hold your horses. It is crucial to apply a leave-in cream after you wash your hair as it provides the extra nourishment which the dry and damaged hair requires. So after your shower always apply the BBLUNT Repair Remedy Leave-In Cream For Damaged Hair as it not only hydrates your hair but also acts as a protective layer against pollution and other environmental hazards. Just like you never step outside without slapping on some sunscreen, always remember to have your hair armoured with the leave-in cream.

4. Detangle

It is essential to dry and detangle your hair the right way especially when you are dealing with dry and damaged hair. Leave your towel to dry the body and for your hair switch to a cotton t-shirt. Rubbing your hair vigorously with a towel leads to hair breakage. Instead, take a cotton t-shirt and gently pat your hair with it. Let it air-dry. Then after you apply the BBLUNT Repair Remedy Leave-In Cream For Damaged Hair, take a wide-tooth comb and gently start detangling and combing your mane. Do not brush your hair as that leads your already brittle hair to more breakage.

5. Cool Down

We know your love for the hot tools. While some cannot live without their hair straightener, others cannot do without curling tongs. Then there are some girls who will sacrifice anything for their favourite blow-dry. Needless to say, the heat emitted from these tools are harmful to your hair which leads to even more damage. Hence give your mane a vacation from all the heat and let it cool down for a while. Don’t break your hearts just yet with the dismay of not being able to rock fabulous hairstyles. You do not need tools always but just the right technique to create the amazing heatless hairstyles. While you are on the road to recovery and are nourishing your lifeless and damaged hair back to life, try the Easy And Unique Ways To Braid Your Hair which will help you in refraining from using all the heat styling tools.
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