5 Things To Eat For Longer And Stronger Hair

Are your wishful thoughts full of red-carpet-ready, straight-out-of-a-shampoo-commercial healthy, flowing locks? Unfortunately, the reality can be horrendous and cringe-worthy! Stressful lives and bad diets have made millennial manes damaged and lusterless. But fret not!Follow these 5 food mantras to flaunt luscious, bouncy and flawless hair. 5 Things To Eat For Longer And Stronger Hair 1. I Yearn For Iron Get a heavy dose of iron from some spinach, meat and leafy greens to give your hair Popeye-like Iron Strength to fight those hair loss problems. 2. OMG Its Omega-3 Add some fish oils, walnuts and avocado, for an Omega (Oh M’Gawd)-3 boost, in that Oh-so-amazing California Salad! Now, you can kiss your flaky scalp and dry hair issues goodbye! 3. Vitamins Are Vital Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Biotin are very vital for some essential hair nutrition. So, when life gives you lemons, make lemonades and drink them up! 4. Add Zinc For Zing With a dash of zinc from fortified cereals, whole grains, and nuts, get that zing back in your tresses to flaunt those bouncy, beach waves at that weekend getaway. 5. Be A Pro In Proteins Battle brittle, dry and damaged hair problems like a thorough professional. Protein up your diet with some eggs, legumes and dairy products. So come on, Egg it on! And get those luscious locks you so sinfully desire! Check out, Dry Hair Hacks That Will Leave You Surprised.
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