5 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Hair And You Don’t Even Know It

You think you are doing it right, but what if all along you were wrong? Read more to know what we talking about. The best thing for long luscious hair is proper care. Be gentle and don’t rely on those styling products as much as you do. 5 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Hair And You Don’t Even Know It 1. Styling with old tools Out with the old and in with the new! If you are styling your hair with old tools, you are causing more damage than you think. You must clean your brush at least once in a month. Use a little baking soda and water to clean your combs to perfection. 2. The rough band Scrunchies or rubber bands that are thin and dense can irritate your hair and cause breakage. Bobby pins or clips are a better alternative to rubber bands since they don’t pull your hair and still help keep your mane in place. 3. Too many chemicals Colouring, relaxing and other hair treatments ultimately take a toll on the texture of your hair. Do less with your hair and it will give you better results. Healthy and natural is the best way to wear your mane. 4. No application of heat protectant Before you blow dry your hair, it is more important to apply some heat protectant to your hair to withstand the condition. High levels of heat only cause damage to your hair; you must take care of your strands by applying some amount of leave-in cream to it. 5. Delaying your trims We all love long hair, but when the ends begin to split, a haircut becomes inevitable. You need to trim your hair so it looks and feels stronger and healthier. The split ends only make your hair more fragile and ruin the texture of your hair.
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