5 Things You Should Know About Dry Shampoo

We’re sure you’re aware of the wonderful feeling of a fresh blowout; we’re also aware how you feel when you have to wash it out – horrible. Thankfully there is a way to sustain that beautiful blowout for a little longer, dry shampoo! Dry shampoo keeps our 2nd day hair looking fresh and less oily. For all those lazy lassies out there, dry shampoo is also a quick fix for when you’re cuddled up in your bed, dreading that morning hair wash. For those who are relatively new to the concept of dry shampoo, here is a little bit you should know about this phenomenon! 5 Things You Should Know About Dry Shampoo 1. Do the distance They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. In this case, it refreshes your hair better! While using dry shampoo, make sure you spray the product at least 6 inches away from your roots. This way there won’t be too much build up and you can spread it out through your hair. 2. Keep it all dry Don’t ever apply dry shampoo on wet hair! The shampoo will accumulate on your hair and make your tresses look like a mess. Dry shampoo only works on dry hair. 3. Keep it under Don’t apply dry shampoo directly to the top of your head as you can easily spot the white residue. Instead, lift your locks and apply underneath at the root so you can successfully hide the white residue. This also gives your hair added style and more volume! 4. Touching isn’t tolerated Don’t touch your hair after applying dry shampoo! Doing this will absorb the natural oils from your fingers and cause your hair to become oily once again. We don’t want that now, do we? 5. Don’t forget to flip After your done spraying the various sections of your hair, don’t forget to flip! Flip your hair up and down and let the dry shampoo absorb into your tresses for revamped hair. This also gives your hair style, texture and a whole lot of volume! Follow these tips before you use dry shampoo and be sure to enjoy some refreshed tresses! You can try BBLUNT’s Back To Life Dry Shampoo for an easy quick fix.
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