5 Tips Every Girl With Straight Hair Should Follow

You follow a workout regime, why not a hair care regime? It is time for you to take care of your hair with these 5 simple tips. All you girls with straight tresses, we know that your hair care routine is pretty basic! Here are some tips to help you handle your sleek tresses. 5 Tips Every Girl With Straight Hair Should Follow 1. Shampoo right Try not to wash your straight hair too often as it will strip the natural oils and make it look dry. For days when your hair looks oily, use BBLUNT۪s Back to Life Dry Shampoo to make your hair look fresh and red carpet ready. 2. Avoid hot water Washing your hair with hot water increases dryness. The natural oils get stripped down with the heat. Turn down the heat and make sure to rinse your hair with cold water once you۪re done to get that glamorous shine to your straight hair! 3. Go Deep Once in a while, you need to pamper your hair with some deep conditioning. It will leave your hair looking healthy and moisturized. For all that styling and colouring, your straight hair needs some rejuvenation to get back that natural shine and texture! 4. Caution when wet When your hair is wet, it is at its weakest! Excessive combing when hair is wet leads to breakage. Detangle those knots in the shower to cause less breakage of your fabulous straight hair. 5. Are you styling right? When your hair is dry, avoid adding too much heat to it. More heat means more damage. It is very important to use a heat protectant before styling your hair, to get the best results.
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