5 Tips For Men With Short Hair

Short hair is widely popular among men, mainly because of its versatility. Life is too short to have boring hair, so experiment with different haircuts and styles. In short, keep your hair maintainable but man-tastic by following these simple styling techniques. 5 Styling Tips For Men With Short Hair 1. Focus on the cut Don’t just settle for that generic haircut, any barber around the corner can give you. Choose a good salon and an even better stylist and get a great cut rather that the same old back & sides. Don’t be afraid to try something different! That’s kind of our motto. 2. Know your product After your hair is freshly cut and styled, ask your stylist what product is best for your hair so you can re-create the salon look at home. Get to know about the gels, waxes and fiber pastes from your stylist and know which products would give your hair that perfect style & panache. 3. Style it short If you want to go for an easy to do 5 minute look that works great on short hair, Apply BBLUNT’s iT MATTers Moulding Clay on towel dried hair and work it into the palm of your hands. Skip the comb, and head straight into rubbing the clay all over dried hair. This will create a messy yet sexy look in minutes! 4. Style it messy If you’re into that ‘just got out of bed’ look, Apply BBLUNT’s 3D Texturizing Wax Paste just before you shower and sleep. Get up with messy, morning bed hair and sport that disheveled look for any special occasion. 5. Style it suave When you need to smarten up your look and sport the gentlemanly style, apply BBLUNT’s Gel Oh! Throughout damp, towel dried hair. Part your hair onto one side and neatly establish a side parting with a comb. This is a well-tailored look perfect for any social outing and don’t worry, you can always go for a tousled look at the after party!
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