5 Tips To Care For Your Curls This Winter

Winter is coming! We know the hair problems that you’ll face with your curly hair. You can never just wake up and leave without having to tame your curls! The frizz, the knots, and your curls getting out of hand are every curly haired girl’s nightmare, especially in the dry winter season. Don’t worry though, your curls can be tamed completely in the winter too, you don’t need summer to get that shine back in your locks! 5 Tips To Care For Your Curls This Winter 1. Don’t Wash and Go Don’t just wash, style! After washing your hair apply BBLUNT’s High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream through damp hair and get better looking, enhanced curls to go! 2. The key to your locks For the best moisture retention to keep your curls looking gorgeous during the winter months, use oils like almond, coconut and lavender. Your curls will look more hydrated and they'll surely thank you! 3. Protect your hair Your hair is most fragile in the winter, to reduce chances of hair breakage, tie up your hair and protect it from the harsh weather. This also helps your hair grow longer. 4. Detangle the knots in your locks Avoid using a comb to remove the knots in your curls. Use a little conditioner and detangle your curls with your finger. This way your gorgeous curls won’t turn into a frizzy hot mess! 5. Conditioner saves this season Deep conditioning helps keep your hair moist and voluminous. Say goodbye to dry hair with BBLUNT’s Intense Moisture Conditioner; it’ll make your curls more manageable and moisture-rich! Also, you could add in a good head massage while you condition, who wouldn’t love one?
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