5 Tips To Make Every Day A Good Hair Day

Do you feel like your hair understands you and then sometimes it doesn۪t? Does your hair look dull on your important night-out? With a few simple tips your hair will be most understanding. Get ready to wake up to hair that looks voluminous and shiny at all times. 5 Tips To Make Every Day A Good Hair Day 1. Keep your hair in place To always have those good hair days, wash your hair the night before and plait it up. We guarantee you will have a great hair day. 2. Prepare a product plan According to your hair type, use the right products to make sure your hair looks glamorous at any time. The right products will bring out the true texture of your hair. With a set product plan you don۪t ever have to worry about bad hair days۝. 3. For those fine hair days To turn your fine hair into thick hair, use a dry shampoo or a sea salt spray. Apply onto damp hair and scrunch it up to give your hair that oomph factor. 4. Shine on With styling products your hair tends to become rough and lose its shine. To get your shine back use a masking conditioner on your hair at least once a week. Apply it onto your hair for 20 minutes and then rinse it out to close the cuticle. 5. Change your pillowcase This may not seem important to you for good hair days, but we vouch for it! A silk pillowcase will let your hair glide on the surface and not get tangled up.
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