5 Tips To Remember When Brushing Wet Hair

You've stepped out of the pool or shower and your hair is a knotty mess. So, you grab a brush, right? Wrong! It might seem like an easy process, but combing your hair right is extremely important. Hair is weaker when it's wet, so it needs special care. Here are five important tips to remember while brushing wet hair! 5 Tips To Remember When Brushing Wet Hair 1. Remove excess water Gently squeeze wet hair with your hands. It makes it easier to towel dry when there aren’t streams of water running out. Make sure you don’t ruffle your hair up with a towel since that will cause extreme frizziness.   2. Section your hair Use a wide-tooth comb and separate your hair into two sections. When you have separated your hair into two sections, keep one over your shoulder and keep the other behind your shoulder.   3. Start at the Bottom Remember to be very careful when brushing your wet hair, as it is extremely delicate. Start at the bottom from sections made from a wide toothed comb.   4. Remove the knots To make sure all the knots are removed, run your fingers through both sections over your hair. Avoid over combing as it leads to hair breakage.   5. End with a Brush To add that extra fluff once your hair is dried and tangle free, brush your hair out. If you are looking to style your hair, add some leave-in cream to your mane and start scrunching it for curls, or leave it dry for sleeker straight hair.
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