5 Ways To Grow Your Hair Long For Your Wedding

A bride should look and feel her absolute best on her wedding day.۪۪ Your wedding day is the day you look stunning from head to toe and you are ready to begin your beautiful journey with your loved one. We all know that our Indian weddings last for a week with hundreds of guests pouring in to admire your bridal beauty and congratulate you on your special day. We all dream of having the perfect beautiful long hair for our wedding. Girls with short hair? Don۪t stress, just follow these tips and have gorgeous long tresses in no time! 5 Ways To Grow Your Hair Long For Your Wedding 1. Ditch the comb when your hair is wet When your hair is wet, it is more prone to breakage for obvious reasons. So the next time you wash your hair, wait for it to dry and then comb away. If you want to detangle your knotty hair, gently do it with your fingers. 2. Be patient While there are a lot of things you can do to make your hair grow faster and better, you must remember that it cannot happen overnight. Good things take time, so take care of your hair and it will reward you. 3. Oil your hair weekly Ladies, our grandmothers didn۪t teach us about champi۪ for no reason. Oiling your hair once a week can do wonders for your hair. Be it coconut, almond, argon or olive oil, pick any and give yourself a good champi! What۪s even better is a good hot oil hair massage melts your stresses away while nourishing your tresses. 4. Use a satin pillowcase Using a satin pillowcase causes less friction as compared to our cotton ones. Invest in a good satin pillowcase and you will wake up with much less hair fall and fewer tangles. 5. Make conditioner your best friend Every time you shampoo, you must condition your hair. Shampooing without conditioning is like a computer without internet and we all know that۪s useless. We۪re just saying, it goes hand in hand, or in this case hair in hair! Conditioner replenishes your hair with nutrients that had been lost due to damage or styling. It makes your hair healthy and smooth to touch. So next time you consider ditching your conditioner, think again. Practice these tips and stun everyone with your gorgeous long hair on your wedding day!
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