5 Ways To Grow Your Hair Longer For The Wedding Day

The day you have always dreamt off is coming closer, so it’s time to throw back some shots of water and slices of fruit for a glossy healthy looking mane. With a few simple tips and tricks you can get beautiful long hair for your big day! Check out these easy hacks to get longer hair for your wedding day. 5 Ways To Grow Your Hair Longer For The Wedding Day 1. Trim It Less If you want your hair to grow long enough for the wedding season, stop trimming it excessively. You must only trim the split ends that make your hair weak. A slight trim every 3 months should do the trick. 2. Be Gentle Don’t be too harsh on your hair while brushing or styling. Avoid chemical treatments on your hair till the big day! Limit the amount of times you shampoo your hair in a day. To avoid oily roots brush your hair a few times in a day with a natural bristle brush. This helps in distributing oil down the hair shaft and reduces the need to wash your hair. 3. Be Healthy Drink lots of water and eat healthy for glossy, healthy looking hair. Drinking lots of water push the toxins out of your body and promotes hair growth. Eating fruits and vegetables strengthen your hair strands from inside-out. 4. Pillow Cases Start using silk pillowcases for a dreamy looking mane. Cotton or linen pillowcases pull or tug at your hair causing it to break when you toss and turn at night. Silk doesn’t cause any unwanted friction, so your hair stays smooth and knot-free. 5. Rinse With Cold Water The last rinse of cold water in your hair shower, really does make your hair grow longer. Cold water prevents moisture loss and makes your hair look healthy. It also leaves your hair looking smoother and shinier. Perfect for your wedding, check out these Bridal Hairstyles
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