5 Wedding Hairstyles For Every Hair Length

It’s your main day and that goes for you mane too! Dress up your hair with chic and class to stand out on your wedding day and create timeless memories. Take a look below for your top 5 wedding hairstyles. 5 Wedding Hairstyles For Every Hair Length 1.    Curls, Girls To give you that volume and bounce on your big day, curls are the best option! Their classic and beautiful, just like you on your most important day. Perfect for thick hair, full curls look fabulous on long hair. Add an intricate hair accessory and voila! 2.    Loose Braid You can make a loose braid look absolutely glamorous on your day! It’s elegant, chic and gives your hair envious volume. You can also make a side braid or just twist up the front to add some drama to you sparkle beautiful wedding dress. 3.    Half And Half Want to leave you hair up in a bun and also leave a part open? The half-up- half down hairstyle is just right for you. This will give you a polished and classy look while you walk down the adorned aisle straight to the man of your dreams. 4.    Low Bun Look like a timeless beauty in a tight low bun. You could add a braid at the middle or twist up the front and clip it up with an embellished hair accessory. Fresh flowers on that bun would bring out an ethereal scent and look perfect for a morning ceremony. 5.    Chocolate Side Less is always more. A simple hairstyle will bring your true beauty and essence on the day. Get those silky smooth curls and pin up one side with a sparkle hair pin that goes with your silhouette.   Click here to check out how to accessorize your hair this season!
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