5 Weird Ways To Use Your Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo doesn’t only work for your hair! One spray of this magic potion helps you get volume, fragrance and strength. Dry shampoo is really every girl’s best friend. Take a look at these 5 uses of dry shampoo that will blow your mind and your mane away! 5 Weird Ways To Use Your Dry Shampoo

1. Whether it is up or down Dry shampoo works great when you want to change your styles up. It gives your hair more bounce when you want to wear it up. For any style that you wish to conquer, spray a little dry shampoo for best results.

2. Bigger is always better Your hairstyles stay best with unwashed hair! Dry shampoo gives a great texture to your hair, it adds that envious volume to the hair, to make any hairstyle look the real bomb!

3. Get that fragrance If you haven’t had a shower, spray a little dry shampoo and you will smell great throughout the day. For all those posts- work out sessions, dry shampoo gives you the fragrance that you need!

4. The strength you need If you have been noticing breakage due to tight ponytails or topknots, look for a dry shampoo with nourishing properties. One spray will add the strength and flexibility that your hair needs and helps prevent your hair from falling flat.

5. Stop the sweat Spray some dry shampoo under your bangs or fringe; this will prevent it from sticking to your face. Since most dry shampoos are talcum based, it can be sprayed in between the thighs or even in your shoes, any area that is prone to perspiration.

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