5 Worst Things Men Can Do To Their Hair

Having problems with your hair? Read on to know how to solve it. You are probably washing it or styling it the wrong way. Change your hair routine and you will see your hair looking macho within days. 5 Worst Things Men Can Do To Their Hair

1. Fast Showers Take your time in the shower. Rinse off that excess shampoo properly before you leave. If the shampoo residue is left behind, it will make your hair dry and brittle.

2. Applying it When Wet While the hair is wet, men tend to apply their gel or mousse, which doesn̢‰t work well. Apply the product when your hair is dry, so that your hair can absorb it effectively. Wondering why your hair doesn̢‰t look the way you want? This is probably it.

3. Follow the Trend Sporting a style which is in fashion, but if it doesn̢‰t suit you what̢‰s the point? Choose a hairstyle that suits your features and that will make you look good and suave! So next time a trend begins, don̢‰t always follow it.

4. Excess Application In an attempt to look better, sometimes more products are sprayed on to the hair. Make sure you don̢‰t do this often, as this will only create hair problems for you in the future. Limit the amount of products you use on your hair. The chemicals will ultimately ruin the quality of your hair.

5. Rubbing Too Hard Don̢‰t rub your scalp too hard that will damage the hair follicles and make your hair fall. Massage your scalp gently when shampooing your hair to get your hair looking fabulous.

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