6 Easy Ways To Wear Your Hair Down

There are days when we want to be on point with our hair, look and attitude! We can probably help you with the hair and we’re pretty sure the rest will fall into place as well. Wearing your hair down can be the easiest or the trickiest thing to get right. Well fear not, turning your mane into a masterpiece just got easier. Here are some easy ways to rock your hair. 6 Easy Ways To Wear Your Hair Down 1. Beachy Waves Getting this right would certainly qualify as #HairGoals! Also, it helps that it is super simple to achieve. All you need is some salt spray, dry shampoo (if you’re working with second or third day hair) and a curling iron! A pretty and rumpled style like this is a great way to spice up your basic long hair. 2. Side Swept Go old school and sport the side swept look! This classy hairdo is quite easy to do, all you need are some deep long curls, carefully swept to the side and secured with bobby pins and U-pins if needed. This look adds a better shape to your face and accentuates your features. 3. Move Over Imagine your hair like it was in the movies, air blowing through it, making you feel magical and romantic! Well it isn’t a movie after all so we can’t promise anything but for that glamorous air-dryed and natural look, all you need is a blow dryer, a hair brush, a wide- toothed comb and some hairspray. Begin by detangling your hair with a wide-toothed comb. After, add in your heat protectant, blow- dry your hair with a brush in an upwards moving direction. Finish it off with some hairspray for some shine. 4. Super Glossy Straight This style was tending way back in the early 2000’s and one thing we know is that trends are being re-cycled, so why not bring back a style that literally set things straight! For perfectly straight hair use a heat protectant and for that sleek look, use your flat iron! Don’t forget to finish off with a hair polish for a glossy shine. 5. Curls ‘n’ Fringes The most common way to wear a fringe would be straight hair, but now it’s time to turn things up a notch. Create some gorgeous curls on the crown of your hair and leave the rest of your hair open. You can achieve this with or without heat, so go ahead and get creative! 6. Casual Side Braid This is a very bohemian and chic looking hairstyle. It requires neither product, nor heat! Cute and casual hair in less than a minute! All you need to do is, leave your hair down but incorporate a single braid at the front side. You can add in some interwoven bling and get creative with some hair accessories. Ribbons can do the trick too!
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