6 Food Hacks For Better Hair

Eating right makes a big difference to your hair! More vegetables, fruits and vitamin supplements expedite your hair growth and make your mane shiny and healthy. So never think twice, always pick the healthy option. So, ladies, healthy, shiny hair comes with a price. 6 Food Hacks For Better Hair 1. Eggs Are Good Eggs contain vitamin B great for hair growth, and overall scalp nutrition. Rich in biotin, eggs give your hair the nutrition it needs. So keep it scrambled, fried or boiled, the way you like it, for fabulous looking hair. 2. Potatoes? Oh Sweet Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A, which helps give life to your dull hair. Too many Vitamin A supplements can cause hair loss. Rather than the supplements, stack up on natural ingredients like sweet potato, carrots and kale. 3. Bell Peppers A good source of Vitamin C which is required for healthy hair. Deficiency of Vitamin C can cause the hair to look dry. Your hair will split easily which makes it easier for it to break. 4. Lentils A well- rounded diet is a must to get luscious looking hair. Lentils give your hair the protein and strength it needs against the heat and the pollution. 5. Get Your Vitamin B On Spinach is high in Vitamin B. This gives your hair iron that it requires to get you through the day. Iron is great for the hair and skin. Eat spinach during the week and see the results!
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