6 Reasons Your Hair May Look Dull And Lifeless

Are you taking enough care of your hair? Read on to know more. Your diet, swimming rituals and other habits all play a role on your mane. So get that magical looking mane with these simple tricks. Once you change your hair routine, flaunt that fabulous hair. 6 Reasons Your Hair May Look Dull And Lifeless 1. No Balanced Diet Lack of a well - rounded diet makes it difficult for your hair to look fabulous. Eat more vegetables, fruits and take your vitamins daily and see the results. 2. Dehydration Get hydrated for good hair and skin. Drink tons of water for that shine on your hair and skin. 3. Chlorinated Hair Swimming can ruin your hair more than you think. The chlorine strips your hair from its natural oils leaving it dry and damaged. Before you get into the pool, apply some leave- in cream which has UV or SPF protection. 4. Hard Water Water that has high concentration of minerals, is the worst for your hair. This makes your hair dry and dull to great extents. Use a shower filter to get rid of the chemicals and your hair will feel softer and look healthier. 5. Over-Bleaching Treatments with loads of chemicals ultimately, ruin your hair. Over- bleaching causes your hair to look dry and dull. The shine and natural oils get lost in the process. 6. NotBrushing Enough Brushing your hair tends to make it shinier and smoother. Apply a good hair oil to your strands to give it the nourishment it needs.
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