6 Things Girls With Long Hair Will Understand

Growing up, girls are often faced with a dilemma about whether to keep their hair long or short. Of course, long hair looks beautiful, but maintaining it is a task. But when mommy is around, we don̢‰t need to bother. Who can forget Rapunzel̢‰s beautiful, long hair? We̢‰re sure every girl has at least once in their life, expressed a desire to have long hair like Rapunzel. Long hair is a boon but it can get irritating at times. Here are lists of things girls with really long hair will relate to! 6 Things Girls With Long Hair Will Understand

1. Getting caught in everything A common problem for girls with long tresses! However much you try, a couple of strands always manage to get stuck somewhere or the other. Whether it̢‰s the car door or while getting dressed, long hair manages to come in-between everything!

2. Hair fall You find a few strands of hair dangling from everywhere, be it your desk at work or your clothes or on the floor. This is probably the biggest disadvantage of having long locks!

3. Removing those knots Long hair means longer hours spend on hair care! Combing your hair takes long because of those umpteen knots, and when the weather gets bad, god help us!

4. Drying your hair It̢‰s a common fact that long hair takes HOURS to dry! Try air-drying it or using a hair dryer, both will take equal amounts of time.

5. Coconut oil is a favourite Conditioning your hair regularly with coconut oil prevents it from becoming like dry strands of grass, giving it that natural sheen. Girls with long hair always tend to have at least 3 bottles of coconut oil stocked at home.

6. How about going short? You̢‰ve somehow always dreamed about cutting your tresses off after all the effort and hardships of having a long mane. But, let̢‰s face it, even though it gets to you sometimes, long hair is totally worth all the drama!

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