6 Things Good Hairstylists Would Never Do To Your Hair

To get the right cut, colour and style you need the right stylist! Make sure you visit a stylist that understands your apprehensions and makes an effort to turn your dream look into a reality. Finding the right hairstylist for yourself is almost close to finding your soul mate. The stylist knows what you like, knows whether to experiment on your hair and really brings out the best in your hair is extremely important. 6 Things Good Hairstylists Would Never Do To Your Hair

1. Disregard your requests A good hairstylist will listen to your every request, and keep it in mind while styling your hair. They would only shorten the length based on your approval. The ones that just chop off your hair and don’t care are the stylists your mane must stay away from.

2. Don’t teach you to style The stylists almost always teach you how to use certain products to bring out the shape of your haircut perfectly. Tips, tricks and lessons all about hair are usually always imparted during your haircut.

3. Damage your hair Sometimes carelessly, the stylists may damage your hair while styling or colouring your hair. The good ones will always tell you if your hair cannot take any more bleach or if the haircut does not suit you.

4. No care for your personal style Your skin tone, hair texture, personality all goes into giving you the right look. Usually, the hair experts will make sure that the look shines with your personality.

5. No consultation If the stylist doesn’t try to get to know you once you are seated, you shouldn’t trust them to design your look for you. A proper conversation is needed to get you your mane looking glamorous.

6. Harmful Chemicals An experienced hairstylist would be aware of the harmful chemicals to avoid before colouring or straightening your hair. If your stylist seems doubtful on the subject, then she isn’t the one your hair will be safe with.

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