6 Things Hairstylists Wish You Would Do Before Your Next Salon Visit

There are a few Do۪s and Don۪ts of being in a salon too! A few simple tips will help you brush up on your salon etiquette. Always make sure to re-confirm your appointment with your stylist, be sure of the hairstyle you want before you go for your appointment! Follow these tips and you are sure to never have a disappointing experience at the salon again. 6 Things Hairstylists Wish You Would Do Before Your Next Salon Visit 1. Know your colour Balayage and Ombre all sound very interesting but it is better you understand what they mean before you ask for them. To save yourself from disappointment its best you know everything about your hair colour. Carry a photo of the hair colour you want to get the exact look you want! 2. Be sure of what you want A bit of research always helps to get a look that you want. Be clear with your communication so that you get closer to the look that you really want! 3. Get a consultation Want a whole new hair colour? An edgy haircut? Its best for you to consult your hairstylist before you make a drastic change to your hair. These consultations hardly take any time and help you make your final hair decision. 4. Plan ahead The day you are getting your haircut make sure to have a little extra time since no hair appointment starts and ends on time. 5. Make your arrangements If you have to run errands during your appointment, make sure to arrange it beforehand. Many a time, the client leaves their appointment half way to finish off their work. This becomes inconvenient for your hair and also for your hairstylist! 6. Confirm your appointment Always make sure to confirm your hair appointment before you leave for it. Sometimes you may have the wrong date or the wrong time. This becomes very inconvenient for the stylist to try and fit you in between their slots. For further information on our salons and academies, click here.
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