6 Tips For Your Hair To Survive The October Heat

A ‘good morning’ is not good for everyone. There are days when you have to get ready to get out and face your worst enemy. It gets very difficult trying to avoid your nemesis, every single day.  Yes we’re talking about that scorching, unbeatable October heat! 6 Tips For Your Hair To Survive The October Heat
  1. Keep it cold Cold water will be your hair’s confidant during this heat. Nothing can help you more than cold water to protect and make your hair survive this heat. Wash your hair with cold water to make it preserve the moisture it needs.
  2. Avoid any added heat! Unless you want to get into a heated argument with your hair, stay away from tools and appliances that damage your hair, the stubborn sun is doing enough damage anyways!
  3. Carefully condition What could be more important than moisture in this heat? Absolutely nothing else! Deep conditioners are necessary to fight the heat and allow your hair to become smoother and easier to style.
  4. Cover it up It’s as simple as using a cap or a scarf to cover your head from the sun. This will avoid too much heat from directly reaching your hair and damaging it. It’s also a great way to spruce up your outfit!
  5. Leave it loose A messy braid or a messy bun is ideal for keeping your hair under control. It also minimizes exposure to the sun. Tight hairstyles could tend to pull and tear your hair damaging it horribly. Especially if your hair is dry from the summer heat, do not hesitate to let it enjoy its freedom!
  6. Olive oil massage Ever tried massaging a drop of olive oil from the end to the roots when it’s dry? Olive oil smoothens the hair follicle and creates a shiny healthy appearance. So go on and ditch the coconut and choose olive oil.Follow these tips and style your hair in this unbearable heat with no hassle at all!
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