7 Friends You Always Find At A House Party

Everyone’s gearing up for the wildest house party for the season and it’s certainly going to be lit. And when the weekend comes and it’s time to let loose and get down tonight with your friends, there’s nothing stopping you from partying hard and partying long. Getting your hair on a high is always fun, but not without your friends. So, read on about the 7 types of friends you always find at a house party to see which one will you be shaking things up with this weekend. 7 Friends You Always Find At A House Party The Cool Kid 1. The Cool Kid Space buns on skates, that’s just how we like to roll! When it comes to catching up with the latest trends, the cool kid travels in light years compared to her friends. Keeping up with her daily shenanigans can be harder than keeping up with the Kardashians. But, you can always count on her to have some awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping stories to share! The Boss Lady 2. The Boss Lady Focused and fabulous, that’s the girl boss motto! They know what they want, when they want it and they are not afraid to ask for it. They always speak their mind and the word ‘settling’ is not in their books! Buns are their go-to hairdo when they know that it’s time to hustle and slay. You certainly don’t want to mess with this one! The Femme Fatale 3. The Femme Fatale She’s got a rollercoaster soul with a daredevil spirit! The femme fatale is that friend who’s always got' em boys swooning after her with just a flip of her red hot curls. The party doesn’t start until she arrives and you can usually spot her dancing her heart out all night long. The Retro Diva 4. The Retro Diva Rock and roll is the retro diva’s jam and 70’s is where her old school soul meant to be. She’s all about the jazz and wingtips and poufs are the top picks from her hair and makeup essentials. The Jock 5. The Jock He’s got that dapper-looking style and that easy boy charm. Every girl in the room has got her eye on this BBOY! He is always up to show off his stunning, funky moves and with his hair on a high, there’s nothing stopping him, now! The Dreamer 6. The Dreamer She is a mermaid on dry land and the world is her ocean. The sea is her calling and she can’t stay away from the water! Shy at first, once the music kicks in, her feet have a mind of their own. Her exotic charm and her long beach waves are absolutely mer-mazing! The Magician 7. The Magician Everyone’s go-to mane maestro, there is nothing that she can’t do. With just one wave of her wand, she can give you a head-to-toe makeover like never before and we must say she knows how to throw quite a party. Check out, Three Quickies You Must Try For Every Occasion.
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