7 Times Janhvi Kapoor's Hair Game Was On Point

Janhvi Kapoor has been making waves in the tinsel town and how! Leading the Gen X pack from the front, Janhvi is proving to be quite the fashionista with her unique taste in fashion and elegant looks on the red carpet. While her impeccable beauty and grace have been passed on to her by her gorgeous mother, Janhvi’s personal style is anything but ordinary. Although she does keep her fashion statements eternal, Janhvi always makes sure to incorporate the trends in her style. Anyone can see that she has an impeccable taste as she gives each hairstyle a tangy twist. From trying out fancy braids to pulling off some risky hairstyles, Janhvi Kapoor has had an impressive run at the fashion front so far. Here are few looks that Janhvi Kapoor has aced so far, right from being a millennial muse to a trendy diva.
janhvi Kapoor braid hairstyle with loose waves Courtesy: Instagram| @janhvi.kapoor.fanclub

1. Loose Waves And Braids

While performing at an awards show function, Janhvi picked micro braids to team with her lustrous loose waves. To make the hairstyle even more attractive, she added little stones to the braids. This is the perfect look to create when you want to go all out with your hair. Now, you know the hairstyle to don while attending those upcoming wedding functions. This Janhvi Kapoor hairstyle is a must try!
janhvi Kapoor ponytail hairstyle with side parting Courtesy: Instagram| @filmcity_10

2. Sleek Ponytail

Janhvi was seen sporting a bohemian vibe when she was attending another awards show function. While the bohemian vibe is generally completed with loose waves, Janhvi decided to go for the ultra-sleek low ponytail with a clean side-parting. Add the layer of shine to your hairstyle like her by spraying some of the .
janhvi Kapoor curly hairstyle with tangled twirls Courtesy: Instagram| @janhvikuniverse

3. Tangled Twirls

To make yet another red carpet appearance, Janhvi went for the sultry curly hairstyle. What we loved about this look is the twist Janhvi gave to the wavy hairstyle. To achieve this look, first prep your hair with the Then give the twist of teasing your curls after you are done creating them. Voila! You will be left with gorgeous twirls to rock.
janhvi Kapoor straight hairstyle for a wedding Courtesy: Instagram| @janhvikuniverse

4. Poker Straight Hair

When it came to attending a wedding function, Janhvi went OTT with her outfit. She played it smart by keeping her mane simple and elegant by opting for the poker straight hairstyle with a clean middle parting. To ensure that you have smooth and manageable hair without any frizz, style your mane with the help of the
janhvi Kapoor bohemian braids Courtesy: Instagram| @janhvikuniverse

5. Bohemian Braids

Breezy, beach-y and stylish, open hair with a few braided strands is something that Janhvi donned while doing movie promotions and grabbed a lot of eyeballs. While we adore this hairstyle as it is, you can take this look up a notch by adding a little bling or beads that will make this bohemian hairstyle fancier.
janhvi Kapoor half pinned hairstyle with wavy hair Courtesy: Instagram| @janhvi_lily

6. Half Pinned Hairstyle

Janhvi likes to jazz it up every once in a while. During one of her red carpet appearances, she donned the half-pinned hairstyle on her wavy hair to compliment her glittery white ensemble. All you need to do is pin half or some strands of your mane to create this look. Leave a few strands out to add more charm to this hairstyle.
janhvi Kapoor natural and wavy hairstyle Courtesy: Instagram| @janhvikapoor

7. Signature Waves

While Janhvi switches up her hair game from time to time, she loves to don her natural hairstyle especially when travelling. We don’t blame her as we just adore her bouncy loose waves! If you love this hairstyle and want to fake some volume and bounce in your mane, then the should be your weapon of choice! This will make sure that your mane gets incredible bounce and fullness. Is it any wonder that Janhvi is the newest star on the block to watch out for? If millennial trends get your hearts racing and make you crave for more, then definitely have a look at the Variant Looks Of Sara Ali Khan.
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