7 Tips To Follow When Curling Your Hair

Natural curls are god’s gift to girls, for those who don’t have them, we have curling irons! Getting those gorgeous, defined curls is not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of effort, care, and most importantly-patience to perfect those curls with a curling iron or wand – (we think it’s called a wand because it definitely does magic!). To get those flawless, glossy curls use BBLUNT’s X3 Professional Hair Curling Wand with ceramic, ultra-fast heating & infrared technology. The hair wand also comes with- 3 differently sized barrels, 2 hair clips, a wide tooth comb & a heat resistant glove. bblunt curling wand IMG_1106 Here are 7 Tips To Follow When Curling your hair with BBLUNT’s X3 Professional Hair Curling Wand Picture2 1. Don’t ever curl when wet Make sure to start curling your hair with a curling wand only when it is a 100% dry. Curling wet hair damages both, your hair and you hair appliance. You want sizzling, not sizzled curls! 2. Brush before you begin Brush your hair before you start curling it to make sure it’s not tangled and knotted. This saves a lot of time and gives you flawless, defined curls that last long. 3. Material Matters All curling irons are not the same. The material of the iron has a huge impact on your hair, and your curls. Our stylists as well as most professionals use Tourmaline and Ceramic curling irons. They protect your hair and give you perfect curls! Be sure to stay away from Chrome plated curling wands, these cost lesser, but damage your hair and make it frizzy, so you’ll end up paying the price anyways! BBLUNT’s X3 Professional Hair Curling Wand and our Linear II Professional Hair Straightener both are ceramic plated. We believe in what’s best for your hair. 4. Prep with some product Hair product like serums and leave in conditioner give your hair the ability to keep those curls on for a longer time, and also prevent the heat damage from the curling wand. Try BBLUNT’s High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream for some gorgeous, enhanced curls. 5. Size always matters Soft beachy curls are different from big voluminous ones. This curling wand allows you to choose from 3 different sizes of barrels. Choose your barrels according to the type and size of curls you want to get the best possible result. 6. Partition for Perfection If you want those perfect bouncy curls, give them a little more time and make sure to partition your hair into sections with the clips provided. This ensures that no strand gets left behind, curls curls everywhere! 7. Comb out after Curling After your done with curling your hair to perfection, use the wide tooth comb and gently comb it out, to loosen and soften out the curls. Remember to brush before and comb after, not the other way around because brushing out your curls means regret, and you don’t want that do you? #NoRegrets. So make sure you follow the above tips while using BBLUNT’s X3 Professional Hair Curling Wand and do your curls some justice!
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