A Vagabond's Diary Reviews BBLUNT One Night Stand: Temporary Hair Colour

A Vagabond's Diary reviews BBLUNT's One Night Stand- Temporary Hair Colour. Read about it here: I love colors… and I have always admired bold colored hair streaks. However, I never had the courage to go for something that would last for months (permanent hair coloring). In fact, till date I had never applied any dyes or chemicals to my hair except for basic oil and shampoo. A few days back, an acquaintance introduced me to the BBLUNT Temporary Hair color, called ‘One Night Stand’. I Googled it and voila! There it was! After reading few reviews in amazon I decided to order it and give it a shot. After all, it was temporary and if I did not like it I could just shampoo it off…!!! The BBLUNT One Night Stand range gives you a choice of 4 wonderful colors – Blue and Green colors for bold and vibrant statement look. Copper and Bronze colors for subtle and sophisticated look. temporary_hair_colour_blue_6_copytemporary_hair_colour_green_6_copy500x500_temporary_hair_colour_bronze_6_copy500x500_temporary_hair_colour_copper_6_copy How to use: – Wash your hair and let it dry (don’t spray on wet hair as the color itself takes some time to dry). Wrap a towel around your shoulders to avoid staining your cloth (do not worry, the spray isn’t that strong). – Shake the spray can well enough so that the color thickens and gets uniform (I didn’t shake it long enough and hence the initial spray was light and did not show at all). Fret not, it will be thick and shiny after few initial sprays. – You can place your hair over a cardboard (if you have long hair) and spray the color uniformly. If you have short hair you can sit in front of a mirror or ask a friend to color it. – Try to close your eyes and do not breathe when you spray it (for few seconds) to avoid inhaling the spray. – Let if dry for few minutes and comb out the extra color from the hair. If you want a stronger (bold) shade repeat it again. If you want the color to give subtle tone, spray it from a distance and don’t coat too many times. The Outcome: This is how my hair looks after 2-3 coats of spray. I am loving it… After I was done, I went out and my friends were really excited to see this amazing shade. They were too excited and wanted to experiment on their hair too. Hence, we decided to have some fun. I hastily sprayed some color on them and here we go…!!!   Cost: INR – 300 Rs + 70 Rs Delivery Charges. Quantity: 54 ml/ 37 gms Pros: – Easy to use and gives quick result. Easily washable with shampoo. – It is a temporary hair coloring option. You can play around with different streaks and colors. – Amazing colors that shows and makes a statement. Cons: – Not permanent. (Well, thats why I bought it) – The hair becomes rough to touch after the color is sprayed. However, it returns to normal after washing. Verdict: Try it out if you want to add some color to your life. The price isn’t high and doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket. Its fun, and you wont regret it. Check out the article here.
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