A Walk With Aisha Reviews Perfect Balance Shampoo & Conditioner

Deepanita from A Walk With Aisha reviews our Perfect Balance Shampoo & Conditioner. Check out what she has to say below. Monsoon is the time when your hair suffers a lot. my hair witnessed terrible dryness during monsoons this year. All I did was switching shampoos and conditioner. I tried many shampoos, but in vain. My hair suffered same dryness and the excessive humidity was increasing the hairball too. Then I came across BBlunt range of shampoo and conditioner which is specially made for Indian hair, and honestly speaking, this is my saviour now. How to use it: Firstly I rinse my hair with normal water and apply adequate amount of Blunt perfect balance shampoo into my hair to form a lather. Rinse and towel dry my hair. Then I take a coin size amount of the BBlunt perfect balance hair conditioner, apply it to the lengths avoiding the scalp area and let it sit for 10 mins..yes..7-10 mins is the ideal time you should let your conditioner sit. Rinse and towel dry How it works: This is completely magical. My hair feels lighter and smoother from within. The range gives my hair the perfect moisture balance. Also I love the fragrance. It smells so delicious and yummy. I have seen my hair grow smooth and silky. I have been using this product since August, thrice a week. The best part is that the perfect balance range is colour protect. PS You will also love the packaging.The shampoo comes in a curvy pump bottle which looks so cute, whereas the conditioner comes in a circle shaped bottle. Price: Price for a 400ml shampoo bottle is Rs.500, which doesn’t make this product fall under the expensive category. The conditioner comes at a price of Rs. 375 for 200gms. Isn’t that cool..!! They also have a miniature versions of 100ml for both shampoo and conditioner at a price of 100 each. I actually purchased the miniature version and then switched on to the bigger bottles. You can find the products in all BBlunt salons and nearest NewYou stores. For more live updates, follow me on Instagram and Twitter @awalkwithaisha Love, Deepannita Read the entire article here.
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