Aamir Khan’s Style Over The Years

Courtesy: Rediff Aamir Khan is a perfectionist, professionally and personally. Some think that he is too serious and simple, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Aamir Khan is easily the most versatile actor in the industry today, and he proves that with not just his various movie roles but also his personal style. He can go from looking like a young college boy to a fierce nawaab effortlessly and we can’t help but be impressed by his skills. Let’s check out Aamir’s hairstyles over the years Aamir Khan’s Style Over The Years

Casanova Locks
Courtesy: Filmfare

1. Casanova Locks Remember Aamir’s excellent performance as a Casanova turned terrorist in Fanaa? The movie might be old, but this hairstyle can steal everybody’s hearts. Aamir pulled off the wavy-curly medium length locks with total style and we definitely recommend this hairstyle for men. When it comes to medium/long hair for men, styling them properly is the most important thing. Use the BBLUNT Total Control Maximum Hold Fibre Paste to style your hair to achieve perfect definition and finish.

Short Crop
Courtesy: Instagram | @aamirkhanteam

2. Short Crop Oh how we loved this refreshing look of Aamir’s. It’s clean, it’s cute, it’s young and refreshing. This is the definitely one of our favourites, and if you want to get this look, use the BBLUNT itMATTers Zero Shine Moulding Clay to give that matt, just-out-of-bed spikes to your short crop haircut. You can totally play the cute and innocent card with this haircut.

Side-Swept Swag
Courtesy: Instagram | @aamirkhanteam

3. Side-Swept Swag We were all pretty surprised when Aamir’s look for his movie Secret Superstar was first revealed, right? Seeing him like this was a shock but we’re not complaining. He pulled off this swag look like a boss and it’s definitely going to turn heads if you try it out. For this look, use the BBLUNT 3D Texturizing Wax Paste to give your hair that added texture and style, and maintain a clean side-parting.

The Nawaab Look
Courtesy: Instagram | @aamirkhanteam

4. The Nawaab Look If we have a list of favourite men’s hairstyles and looks, this one definitely tops it. The elegance and panache with which Aamir has styled his hair and overall look is just amazing. It only adds to his charismatic personality. Once again, mastering the medium/long hair game, Aamir has set some serious hair goals with this one. If you’re trying out this look, make sure you use the BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel to achieve that pushed back glossy hairstyle that will last all day. Loving Aamir’s stylish charm? Well he not only carries himself with style, he makes sure everyone else around him is looking their best as well. Check out all these Men’s Hairstyles That You Can Steal From Aamir’s Diwali Party.

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