5 Tips On How To Add Great Volume To Your Hair

We have got the tips to get that bounce in place. Read on to know what we are talking about. These tricks will get your hair looking amazing within minutes. With the right tools and tricks you can get that great volume.

5 Tips On How To Add Great Volume To Your Hair

1. Take A Different Path For a long time, you have stuck on to that parting. If you want your hair to look voluminous in minutes, change your parting. Your hair will no longer look flat and instead this will give your hair the bounce you want.

2. Back Comb It Use a paddle brush to give your hair some volume, by back brushing the roots. Pin up the uppermost section of your hair and start working section by section. To make this volume last, use some hairspray.

3. Flip It, Flip It Good Are you blow-drying correctly? A shortcut to getting that voluminous blow out is just flipping your hair upside down. Your roots lift off from your scalp and that̢‰s exactly how you want them to dry.

4. Use Some Product Look for a product for your type of hair. Make sure to apply it all over your hair and right at the scalp area. Spray or apply it on damp and not dry hair. These products boost your roots giving it that desired volume. You can try BBLUNT̢‰s Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray. This gives you that extra bounce you need!

5. Change That Shampoo Use a different shampoo for your hair to give it that bounce. This switch will really do wonders to that mane. Ask your hairstylist for their advice before you make this mane decision.

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