Adhuna Akhtars Open Letter

  Dear Women of Today,   We, for years now, have been told what to do and what not to do. The way we are supposed to live, the way we are supposed to look and the way we behave. If we۪re different, we aren۪t welcome, if we want to shake things up a little, we are pushed away!
We have been told that beauty has to be a certain way, that it has to be perfect. There is no room for imperfection, because apparently it۪s not the way to be! Dark is not beautiful, light is. Curvy isn۪t appreciated, got to be skinny! The definition of what is beauty and beautiful has been skewed for way to long now.
The only true way to define beauty is to define it for yourself, the way YOU۪ want it to be. As they say haters gonna hate۪ and BTW when did curly hair become a problem? Or straight hair become a problem? WHEN DID ANY OF THIS BECOME A PROBLEM OR THE STANDARD DEFINITION OF BEAUTY? It۪s not a beauty industry anymore, but a clone factory.
We at BBLUNT have always stood for imperfection because that is what we truly are, our imperfections are what make us beautiful. Don۪t be scared to try something new or different, just because THEY۪ say it isn۪t right. Always strive to be the best version of yourself!
It۪s time we took control of things, started to decide for ourselves. Don۪t want to tie your hair? Don۪t tie it! Don۪t want to leave itopen? Don۪t leave itopen! It۪s simple. It۪s time you let your hair feel free, truly free. Let it decide for itself what it wants! Have a little fun, experiment, do something you۪ve never done before!
From today, we unlearn everything we۪ve learnt, unclog everything that۪s been force-fed to us and unleash our true potential. It۪s time to let go of the bulls**t. It۪s time to unleash your hair. B Smooth. B Blunt.
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