Adhuna Bhabani At The Launch Of Her Salon At Westside, Bangalore - Deccan Herald

Adhuna Bhabani is quite unlike your typical celebrity. Friendly without any airs or pretension, she also makes it a point to be on time for her appointments.  The founder and creative director of hairdressing salon ‘BBLUNT’, Adhuna was in the city to launch her first ever in store salon at the new Westside showroom in Commercial Street. She spoke to Rajitha Menon on the sidelines of the event. How did you develop an interest in the field of hairdressing? I was introduced to salon life by my mother. She was very particular about her hair and the way she wore it. I was intrigued by the characters I saw in salons and the art of hairdressing itself. It seemed a very free industry where individualism was highly encouraged. What is the most challenging film you have done so far as a hairdresser? That would have to be ‘Lakshya’. It was the first time I was working with wigs in a film in India. Unfortunately, the wig was procured from another country and I wasn’t prepared for the challenges posed by the climate here. I fitted it on Preity’s head and we started shooting. But because of the heat, the hair became frizzy and unmanageable. The wig literally started growing in front of my eyes (laughs). Both Preity and I were quite upset but we somehow resolved the situation. What is the one hair trend in India that you find absolutely ridiculous? I think it is the concept of blonde on anyone and everyone. It works only in some cases. What I noticed here in India is that people experiment a lot with blonde colour and it is not necessarily the ideal colour to go with our skin tone. Who, or what, is your inspiration? I am inspired by a lot of things. I read quite a bit, I paint, I like art and enjoy music, I enjoy being outdoors — and I always try to draw inspiration from wherever I am and from everything I do. Which is your favourite travel destination? I don’t have a particular favourite place. I always try and explore new places rather than go back to the ones I have already seen. I love Barcelona — it is one of my favourite cities. Next on my hit list is Cuba, Peru and South America. I would love to visit these places soon. A few things about you that no one knows? Do I even know myself?  My blood group is ‘O positive’ and I have a big sweet tooth. Who is the celebrity with the best hair? Well, best hair is something that we are born with naturally and then we sort of enhance it in different ways. I feel that one of those who is blessed with beautiful hair is Deepika Padukone. Also Dimple Kapadia is quite famous for her hair. What has been the most challenging phase of your life till now? One of the challenges in business is not in trying something new, like opening a salon, but maintaining the high levels of standard. A lot of people feel that setting up something very impressive looking is all that it takes for a business but it is more difficult to maintain the name of the brand.
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