Adhuna Bhabani Gives Expert Tips On Trendy Hairstyles

Kick start this summer with the styles that are fuss-free and are in tandem with with your sassy mood! Women: Not ready to chop off your locks? Soft and ragged layers must be your go-to this season. The long layers enables you to do your hair into a trendy top knot, just when it gets too stuffy. The half top knot is another snazzy option to beat the heat in style. It̢‰s easy to style and can be done with just about any length of hair. Asymmetrical bobs sitting above the nape of the neck is another hit this summer. It is light-weight, has beautiful movement and at the same time can be worn scrunched, out of bed or even sleek straight. Use an anti-frizz leave-in cream to enhance the natural movement of your hair. Even a high definition curling cream to define those curls and keep them in shape can really help keep this look styled to perfection ̢‰ Though we recommend limited use of heated tools on your hair this summer. Try the new range enriched with SPF and heat-protecting properties as it is your best and safest bet when you have to succumb to the option for some serious styling. Ensure you always use a good quality ceramic iron that helps straighten the hair out efficiently A rage for the bold this summer is the undercut. You can have the most classic haircut and still have an undercut at the nape ̢‰ created in different shapes or designs for that fun summer flash. This is a cut you can hide and show-off depending on your mood, whenever you want to. This can be done on any length, texture and face shape as it stays under the main haircut. Men: Disheveled or textured top and short blended sides and back are having a major moment. The idea is to keep it natural and not too structured this season. Light leave-in creams can help to get this no-fuss look. Pro tip - Keep it casual this summer casual knot, more like a man-bun. One can also try man braids ̢‰ adding to the appeal! For more information click here.
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