The Various Sides Of Adhuna Bhabani - 4 Times When Our #ManeMaestro Looked Great

She̢‰s always said that being different is fabulous and embracing your true self is what beauty is ultimately all about. Adhuna Bhabani has brought great beliefs and standards into the rigid beauty industry, and she̢‰s definitely made her mark as one of Bollywood̢‰s inspirations. Her style is something unique and definitely of her own, something that we love to celebrate. Here̢‰s to celebrating the different looks of Adhuna Bhabani that took us by a storm!

The Various Sides Of Adhuna Bhabani - 4 Times When Our #ManeMaestro Looked Great When she rocked a pair of grey overalls Adhuna Bhabani is someone who can literally put on a pair of casual overalls paired with messy curls and look fantastic! Adhuna Bhabani Images 1

When she embraced her traditional side like a boss Adhuna Bhabani looked great in a bold green paired with a beautiful white flower and a stand out red tikka on her head. This look embraced the bold beauty that she̢‰s known to be. Adhuna Bhabani Images 2

When she casually posed on her throne The Queen of hairstyling certainly knows how to bring style to a normal pair of glasses. Her sleek up-do hairstyle paired with some bold ethnic colours and a pair of lacey boots is all you need to be your own queen! A kingdom we wouldn̢‰t mind being a part of. Adhuna Bhabani Images 3

When she gave us serious shoe goals Her ponytail certainly complemented her wacky yellow boots! We all need a pair of these in our shoe wardrobe don̢‰t we? Adhuna Bhabani 4

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