Adhuna Bhabhani’s Hair Philosophy

Our Mane Maestro believes that one should accept and feel comfortable in their own skin. Adhuna believes that imperfection is a real beauty. At BBLUNT, the only person you must look like is you. So wear your hair the way you want to and it’s going to be a real killer. Adhuna Bhabhani’s Hair Philosophy

1. Imperfection Our mane maestro believes that one should always keep themselves and style authentic and natural. Our appearances affect our personal, social, work-life, but we need to learn to love our looks and selves for whatever they maybe.

2. Good Hair Days Good hair days matter in a great sense of attractiveness. And given that the slightest change in weather can affect the way it looks and feels, a few simple steps can ensure your hair looks healthy no matter what the conditions are!

3. Make The Cut A good haircut is always your saviour against all negative conditions. A haircut eases the process of styling on a daily basis. Your hair automatically tends to set better with a good haircut that suits your facial structure.

4. Hair Products Go for products that accentuate your hair type. For curly hair, good serums can really add shine and set those curls to perfection. For straight hair you want to make sure there isn’t a lot of frizz, so use products to keep it sleek and neat.

5. Hair Colour Adhuna Bhabhani believes that a hair colour enhances the shape of a cut and complements the skin tone and eye colour. A good hue on your mane can be a great addition to the feel-good factor.

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