Adhuna's Hair Care Tips For Coloured Hair

If you are looking to colour your hair, our Mane Maestro has got all the hair care tips for you right here! Take a look below to know what Adhuna Bhabhani thinks of hair colour and how to protect your hair once you have selected your hue. Adhuna's Hair Care Tips For Coloured Hair 1. Factors To Consider Before you make your colour decision it is important to consider your skin tone, eye colour and your personality. You need to wear a colour that suits your personality and makes you feel comfortable every day. 2. Colour Care Once you colour your hair, you need to change your hair care routine to protect and strengthen your mane. Go for shampoos that hydrate your hair and add an instant shine to it. Colour protectant shampoos and conditioners are a must! Before you start styling your hair, make sure you apply a heat protectant serum to get a damage- free blowout. 3. Deep Conditioning Coloured hair requires more care, so a regular deep conditioning treatment is just what you need. The heat and the pollution leave your hair feeling coarse and dull. To get your hair looking fabulous again, deep conditioning masks at home or at the salon will definitely do the trick. 4. The Right Colour When you pick your hair colour you need to make sure you will be able to live with that decision for at least a couple of months! If you want a dramatic look, then by all means, go against what your natural colour pigments tell you. If you want it to look subtle, it is better to stick to the colours that work with your skin tone, eye colour and of course, your favourite colours in your wardrobe.
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