Air Drying Hacks That Will Set You For Life

Ladies, lets refrain from using any heat on your hair. Go for a natural dried look for healthy and shiny looking hair. Take a look at these hacks that will make your hair look salon ready, all at home. So move those dryers away and set in your air drying routine. 5 Air Drying Hair Hacks That Will Set You For Life 1. Conditioner Is a Must If you have curly hair, combing it with a frizz fighting conditioner helps dry it faster without using a blow dryer or any other type of heat on your mane. Use a wide- tooth comb to detangle your hair while in the shower. 2. Micro Fibre Towel Use a micro fibre towel to air dry your hair to perfection. This causes less damage to your hair as compared to a standard towel. You dont need to touch any heat to your hair once you are done. 3. Spray Some Sea Salt Once you braid up your hair, spray some sea salt on it and leave it to dry. Your braid will look smooth, shiny and dry within minutes! Get this stylish hairstyle without any heat, so ladies when are you trying yours? 4. Argan Oil On Your Mane Coloured your hair? Apply some Argan oil to your mane to get it looking smooth and shiny once dried. This also eliminates frizz completely from your hair. It makes your hair super soft and envious even without the application of heat. 5. Silk Cap For Great Hair Once you have washed your hair, use a silk cap to cover you hair when you are sleeping. This holds the hair together comfortably without causing any frizz! It also successfully holds your mane altogether while sleeping.
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