Alicia Keys’ Iconic Looks Throughout The Years

It’s time for us to celebrate one of the most talented music moguls of the industry! This talented singer has recently sported the sans makeup look with a strong message for all the young girls and women out there! We too, truly believe that imperfection is true beauty. Alicia Keys’ Iconic Looks Throughout The Years 1. Boss Braids Alicia Keys rocked those braids in her first album. Braids make this gorgeous woman feel regal and individualistic and that definitely seems like her true style! Keys has always been known for those cornrows that she spotted for most of her career. Boss Braids 2. Soft Curls In 2007, we saw the gorgeous star sport soft locks at the American Music Awards. This bouncy look embodied her true glam and star spirit. soft curls 3. Natural Curls This talented singer sported her natural curls for the L.A gala in the year 2010 and looked ravishing! Big hair, don’t care was really what that look was all about. To get these smaller curls make sure you spritz on some volume spray to get this bounce. natural curls 4. Pompadour Keys Are you scared to flaunt this look? Well, Alicia Keys’ 2012 Grammy pompadour will without a doubt make you go for it! Rock this hairstyle with a stunning outfit and you are ready! pompadour 5. The Keys Bob The beautiful Alicia Keys has also experimented with a bob and she looked as sexy as ever! A sleek bob is perfect if you want to bring out your cut features. bob
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