All About The Fade! Learn Exactly How To Sport Your Fade Haircut

The fade is a contemporary look that lends great sharpness to a hairstyle. Until recently it usually accompanied shorter haircuts but now even guys with longer haircuts go for the fade. Here are some of easiest, common and yet extremely classy options for the fade. All About The Fade! Learn Exactly How To Sport Your Fade Haircut 1. Traditional Fade This kind of classic fade haircut is as subtle as it gets. The transition from the trimmed sides to the longer tops is very gradual and the buzzed portions are much understated. The traditional fade haircut is not too extreme. One could never go wrong with the regular fade! 2. Low Fade The trimmed parts of the low fade are distinctive as compared to that of the traditional fade. The hair is completely buzzed about halfway through the sides and back of the hair. The taper for this type of fade is noticeably low. Tip: The look of the low Fade is further enhanced by facial hair. 3. Mid Fade The mid fade is inspired by the military haircut, and has now made its way into mainstream hairstyling. For this type of fade the mid refers to the close trimming of the hair at the sides and back of the head starting at a point above the ears. For the mid fade - shorter and straighter the hair, trendier the look! 4. High Fade The high fade is comparatively bold given the stark distinction in the buzzed sides and the length of the hair at the top of the head. The high fade is better suited for men with natural scalp colour closer to the face skin colour. The high fade creates an attitude, and is quite daring as compared to the low or mid fade haircuts. 5. Side Part Cut The side parting is a classic way of styling a mans hair. The side part fade involves clipping or buzzing the smaller half of the partition created. This look is quite distinct and yet neat enough to be worn to the workplace. 6. Scissor Trim Fade The scissor trim fade is known so entirely for the way it is done. Sans using the clipper, it is done solely with the scissors. This type of fade haircut is therefore better suited for men with a longer fade style. The Fade haircut can be subtle, distinctive and classy all at the same time. There is a type of Fade for all type of hair and faces. You just have to select one that suits you the best!
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