Say Goodbye To Ammonia Hair Colour Forever

A lot of people shy away from hair colours due to ammonia which is unfortunately, present in most hair colours available today. People are therefore, unable to unleash their colourful side but not anymore. BBLUNT now brings to you a super shiny way of colouring your hair without any ammonia. Say Goodbye To Ammonia Hair Colour Forever

1. Why Is Ammonia So Bad? Ammonia is used in hair colouring products to open the cuticle, allowing colour to be deposited deep into the hair strand. While it does give you a deep shade, ammonia tends to cause permanent damage to the hair. Prolonged usage of ammonia-based hair colours causes the hair to get dry, brittle, and dull. Not just this, ammonia also causes skin irritation. Hence, we desperately needed a safe hair colouring solution.

2. Say Goodbye To Ammonia With BBLUNT Secret Salon High Shine Crme Hair Colour We realized that people were refraining from hair colours owing to its harmful side-effects. Hence, we wanted to come up with a solution that was not only safe but also simple and shiny. We achieved just that with BBLUNT Secret Salon High Shine Crme Hair Colour. This 100% ammonia free hair colour gives you salon like gorgeous and shiny hair, right at home.

3. Which Shades Are Available? Designed specially for Indian hair, BBLUNT Secret Salon High Shine Crme Hair Colour is available in 7 exotic shades. Wine, Deep Burgundy 4.20 Mahogany, Reddish Brown 4.56 Chocolate, Dark Brown 3 Black, Natural Black 1 Coffee, Natural Brown 4.31 Blueberry, Blue Black 2.10 Honey Light Golden Brown 5.32 This is what inspired us to create these super shades!

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