Are You Using Your Hair Serum The Right Way?

Are You Using Your Hair Serum The Right Way?

We’re all constantly searching for the perfect products for our hair. All we need is that ONE product which will solve all our hair troubles, right? Well, what if you have that product already but you just aren’t using it in the right way? The BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum is the solution to all your dry hair problems and if you’re still facing trouble, it’s time to read this article and see if you’re on the right path! Check out the Do’s and Don’ts of using a hair serum and make sure you follow these rules henceforth!

1. It Begins At The Ends Hair serum should only be applied to the ends of your hair. If you want that gorgeous, million-watt shine on your hair, it’s important that the serum is distributed to the parts of your hair that need it the most and hence, the ends! In any case, do not go beyond your mid-sections and definitely stay away from the roots unless you want your hair to look oily and greasy.

2. Don’t Overdose No matter how thick or long your hair is, do not over-apply the hair serum thinking it will help more or work more effectively. For fine hair, do not apply more than a pea-sized amount and for thicker or dryer hair, not more than a quarter-sized amount. A little goes a long way and you shouldn’t forget this tip!

3. Cleanliness Is Must! Your hair serum doesn’t just work as a shine-provider or moisturizer. One of the major bonuses of hair serum is its ability to protect your hair against environmental elements like pollution and dust. For it to work at its best potential, your hair needs to be clean. Don’t apply the hair serum on unwashed or second-day hair. Always make sure that you have freshly washed hair or your hair is damp/towel dried before you begin applying the serum. It’s alright to touch up your hair throughout the day with the serum, but the initial application should always be on clean hair.

4. Unburnt and Unbroken The BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum rolls with the Targaryens on the weekends. They bonded over their shared trait of being heat resistant. That’s right. You can use your hair serum as a heat protectant when using heat styling appliances like a straightener or a curling iron.

5. Know Your Hair Type While a hair serum will give you added moisture, it’s important to understand your hair type and use the product accordingly. If your hair is prone to frizz, a hair serum would help but an anti-frizz cream like the BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave In Cream would be much more beneficial. Don’t use the serum as a substitute for all hair problems. You’ll only disappoint yourself and your hair. Want to know more about our hair serum? Check out Santoshi Shetty’s Review and get  one for yourself today!

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