BBLUNT Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave – In Cream By Fashion N Me

I have been a BBLUNT fan since the time we visited the salon for hair styling. Being immaculate and innovative in their work, they had a loyal customer in me! image In 2014, when they came out with a range of hair care products specially designed for Indian hair, I knew it would be a HIT! I am quite possessive about my hair. Mom has used almond oil & natural shampoo’s to nourish my tresses. She has never allowed me to get any sort of chemical treatment done ( no colouring, straightening, smoothening ) . Though I cribbed about it in school/college days, I am loving the fruits of it now. I have natural black smooth straight hair, just a blow dry and I am all set to rock. So the possessiveness! It was the transition period from the rainy humidity to winter cold, when I was asked to try the Bblunt Anti Frizz Leave in Cream. The only time when your tresses don’t cooperate. Mine, otherwise beautiful ends become dull and frizzy for that brief period. This product reached out to me just at the right hour of need. image Following the instructions mentioned on the black pump in bottle, I applied the fragrant cream based solution on damp hair, right after a shower. Started with mid length moving towards the end while avoiding the crown area. About half an hour later , my hair looked better ( smoother/shinier ) than the seasonal hazards I witnessed earlier. A couple of washes and using Bblunt Anti Frizz Leave in Cream, this product had my trust. As this product states protection against styling, once before attending an event I curled my hair after cream application. Curls fell really well and stayed intact for a couple of hours. Blow dry and simple brushing after application on damp hair gives a neat bounce. I have been using this product instead of a conditioner many a times. It’s surely a quick and good replacement ensuring similar or even better results at times. Over all, it’s a good product. I would highly recommend each one of you to try it. Works really well on normal hair, in abnormal conditions ? ( seasonal hazards I mean ) Packaging is travel friendly, though I would prefer a lid to avoid spillover Priced at Rs.450 for 100ml Rating – 4/5 Let me know how your ends feel after using Bblunt Anti Frizz Leave in Cream. Write to me at
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