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Hello Everyone̢_!!! Hope you all are doing great. Today I have come up with the review of ̢BBLUNT BACK TO LIFE DRY SHAMPOO̢ from BBLUNT India I have never used any dry shampoo before as I always used to fear that it will damage my hairs, but after reading so many positive reviews about it, I thought of giving it a try. And must say, it was totally worth it. Let̢‰s quickly move on to my complete review about it.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Instant freshness is now a spray away. This dry shampoo (no water required) does a smooth job of absorbing excess grease and grime and revamps your hair in seconds. Don̢‰t leave home without it. Specially created for Indian hair.

PRICE AND QUANTITY: Bblunt dry shampoo comes for Rs.250 for 30 ml and Rs.550 for 125 ml.

SHELF LIFE: 24 months from date of manufacture.

PACKAGING: Bblunt dry shampoo comes in a spray can with a transparent lid. The lid is quite sturdy making it travel-friendly. 30ml can is especially very suitable for travelling.


backtolife800x600 DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake well before use. Hold can in an upright position, six inches away from the hair and spray evenly, close to the roots. Leave on for two minutes. Massage and brush thoroughly


1) Provides instant freshness to hair.

2) Suitable for every hair type.

3) Does not have side effects.

4) Keeps hair revamped for almost 5-6 hours.

5) Travel-friendly packaging

6) Easy to use.

7) Quite affordable.



1)Leaves behind a white residue which is visible for some time.

2)Contains lots of chemicals.


MY EXPERIENCE OF BBLUNT DRY SHAMPOO: As I said earlier, this is my 1st dry shampoo, so I have nothing to compare it with. But I will say that I am really impressed with this product. My hairs get oily very soon and I am quite lazy to shampoo my hairs every alternate day. So it is like really a boon for me. It̢‰s really not suitable to go to the office with oily and greasy hairs, so whenever my hairs are oily, I apply this dry shampoo on my roots generously. Leave it for around 5 minutes. It leaves behind some white powdery residue, but not to worry as it gets disappeared later. Then I massage my hairs properly till the white residue disappears. It makes my hair ready to go and keep it in that form for almost around 6 good hours. It makes my hair smooth and provides volume too. It also makes my hair smell good which makes me feel good. It is really very effective for instant shine and freshness. I have been using it since last 1 month and it has not given me any breakouts, no hair fall, no damage. So I am really happy with it and would suggest you guys too to try it out. Just keep one thing in mind, that don̢‰t use it for more than twice in a week, as it can damage your hairs.

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