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Bblunt is one of the most reputed brands in the market for the kind of products that it offers. Bblunt offers a variety of hair care and hair styling products from shampoos, conditioners, to styling sprays and serums and almost every other product related to hair care and styling. The interesting about this brand is that it has something to offer for everyone, depending on the hair texture or hair problem, they have a solution for almost all your hair problem. Today’s review is on one of its conditioner which is for dry and damaged hair specifically focusing on the Indian hair texture     Bblunt Born Again Conditioner for Stressed Hair Review 3 What is it and who is it for? This product is a hair conditioner, which is suitable for dry/damaged hair. It helps in rebuilding repairing the damage caused by coloring/chemicals/pollutants and helps in giving your luscious locks a healthy shine and improved texture. For girls looking for an effective solution, do try this product once. Price: Rs.375 for 200g
Sensitive Skin Alert?
No   Bblunt Born Again Conditioner for Stressed Hair Review Natural/Organic/Vegan? No What does the Brand Claim about Bblunt Born Again Conditioner for Stressed Hair? The brand claims the product to be an effective product in repairing damaged/stressed hair. The brand claims that the product has been specifically and specially designed for the Indian hair. The product claims to repair hair damage caused by various chemical treatments and protects and prevents them from breakage and rebuilds them and strengthens them giving. The product is suitable for colored hair as well. How to Use: The product comes in a black container; the application process is simple and easy. After shampooing your hair, remove all the excess water and take some conditioner in your palm and apply it from mid length to end evenly. Once done, let it sit there for 2-3 minutes and then wash off with cold water. My Experience with Bblunt Born Again Conditioner for Stressed Hair This product has been one of my recent purchases, and I am glad that I bought this product. I have just used it twice and I can already see the difference. The product does stand true to brands claim and does tame and repair your hair and gives your locks the luscious shine. Since I have dry and damaged hair this product does address to that problem and make them look smooth and shiny.   Bblunt Born Again Conditioner for Stressed Hair Review 2 The product has a nice fragrance, which does make your hair smell good and makes them manageable. It does give your hair a good volume and you can actually feel and see that after one or two wash. For me this is a good product and I would surely recommend it to girls looking for an effective solution for dry/damaged hair. It does work. Positives of Bblunt Born Again Conditioner for Stressed Hair
  • Effective product
  • Suitable for dry/damaged/colored hair
  • Reasonably priced
  • Helps prevent breakage
  • Gives your locks a healthy shine
Negatives of Bblunt Born Again Conditioner for Stressed Hair
  • The fragrance of the product can be improved a little
  • It could have been priced a little less
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend? Yes! For sure:) GlossyPolish Verdict 4/5
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