Indian Spot Reviews Born Again Shampoo

Archana Gurusamy from the Indian Spot has reviewed BBLUNT's Born Again Shampoo for stressed hair. Check it out here: Recently when I had gone to a parlour, I came across this new BBLUNT salon range of products. They have a wide range of hair products for each hair type. In the post, I will review the BBLUNT Born Again Shampoo for Stressed Hair. BBLUNT claims: When hair is weakened by chemical treatments, pollutants and adverse weather, this shampoo comes to your rescue. It revitalizes, reinforces and strengthens hair to help prevent breakage. Damage, meet damage control. Ingredients: Quinoa – the protein with 8 essential amino acids, Hydrolyzed Keratin & Provitamin B5. Specially created for Indian hair with a unique colour protect formula. The Power Of Quinoa : Quinoa is known to act as a natural and gentle coating which guards your hair against environmental damage, retains moisture, promotes nutrition and repair. A powerful blend to bring your hair back to life! My experience: The product comes in a compact travel-friendly packaging with a press-to-open cap. You press on one side and a small hole to dispense the product appears on the other side. The shampoo is light purple colour with a thick, sticky consistency. Since its very thick, I dilute with little water before applying. It has a chemical fragrance which I don’t like much, but it fades away soon. The shampoo lathers really well, so a small quantity is enough. For my waist length hair, I just use a dollop and a little more if I have oiled my hair. It cleanses scalp very well without causing much frizziness. After I follow up with a conditioner, my hair feels a lot healthy. Usually some salon range hair products which I have tried before tend to weigh down my hair and make it limp. But this one makes hair manageable without weighing down hair. I was lately facing lot of hair breakage and split ends due to climate change. After using this shampoo continously, I feel my breakage has reduced considerably and my hair feels stronger and healthier. Pros: Cleanses well without causing frizziness. Gives healthy, stronger hair and reduces breakage and split ends. Lathers well so a little quantity goes a long way. Travel friendly, compact packaging. Doesn’t weigh down hair. Doesn’t cause hairfall. Cons: Chemical fragrance. Realbeautyspot Rating: 4.5/5 Price and quantity: Rs.100 for 50ml and Rs.500 for 400ml. Verdict: BBLUNT Born Again Shampoo for Stressed Hair is a good salon range product for damaged hair. If your hair is weak or chemically treated, you can try this to revitalize and strengthen hair. Though the price might seem a bit high, since only a small quantity is enough each time, the product will last for a really long time. Check it out here.
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